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10 Fun and Kid-Friendly Knitting Projects

Photo by Pixabay For decades, knitting was thought by many to be a hobby enjoyed only by older generations. Over the past several years, however, this hobby has shaken its reputation as being an activity exclusive to grandparents, and it’s now embraced by people of all ages — including children! Our guide discusses why parents […]

How to Get Started with Making Music

Music is powerful.  Not only can it help tap into feelings that are difficult to express with words, it can also bring people together.  What is even better is that anybody with a certain amount of passion, curiosity and determination can learn an instrument.  Here are some reasons to get started with making music and […]

Resources For The Beginner Gardener

Photo: Pixabay If you’re thinking about growing your first garden, you are in luck. Gardening is not only a fun hobby, but also an excellent way to reduce your grocery bill while ensuring that you and your family have access to healthy, whole foods. But it’s not enough to simply dig in the dirt and […]