Resources For The Beginner Gardener


Photo: Pixabay

If you’re thinking about growing your first garden, you are in luck. Gardening is not only a fun hobby, but also an excellent way to reduce your grocery bill while ensuring that you and your family have access to healthy, whole foods. But it’s not enough to simply dig in the dirt and pop a few seeds in the ground. To be truly successful, you have to do your research. Fortunately, we’ve done that part for you, and the links below can help you get started.

Tools of the Trade

As with any new endeavor, there are certain tools you’ll need to get the job done. Check out these resources for everything from a complete list of gardening implements to how to get rid of pests without putting your family at risk.

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Planning and Preparation

Tools in hand, it’s time to start the planning stage. Proceed with caution, and you’ll enjoy a bountiful harvest the entire season through.

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Small Space? No Problem

So maybe you don’t have an acre or more of land to devote to feeding your family. Who says you have to? There are many ways that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor even if you’re working with a basement or balcony.

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Variety Is The Spice(s) Of Life

One more thing before you actually get started: Be selective. You do not have to grow everything, and you are better off sticking to those items that you’ll actually use in your own kitchen. Here’s some more information about the different things you can grow.

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In addition to the above, the best teacher is experience. Keep that in mind as you plant, sow, and tend to your little plot of land (or corner of the patio). And remember, you’ve got this. Gardening is not a set and forget it activity, but with knowledge and nurturing, it can be a successful one.